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Online Travelers can GPS Your Location in the Dominican republic

Make it Easy for Online Travelers to GPS Your Location

Be a Must-Visit Presense on the World Wide Web

Placed at the top of a city page, your city billboard announces to the world that not only is your spot popular, but that it is a must-visit destination. More than an ad, your banner is linked to your WEB PAGE LISTING. Your Directory Web Page is part of the OTS search engine and pops up in various categories as people search globally. Each banner ad floats through the site repetitively, pausing for 5 seconds at a time.

$25/Month for City Billboard & Web Page

The billboard ad links to your OTS WEB PAGE listing. This is a crazy value considering that website hosting alone is over $100/year! Also, website maintenance, site traffic, plus social media buzz are added priceless benefits. Check details at Add Web Page section.

Can We Afford it?

Can You Afford Not to Advertise with OTS?

Pricing for city ad banners are $25 per month—a total of $300 per year. However, two free months are included when you pay a year in advance of $250. Your ad banner includes a web page listing which links from your ad banner. Should you discontinue the banner ad, your web page listing will remain yours for free.

You may pay in cash, USD or pesos, credit or debit card, or PayPal. Artwork and photos are provided by you. However, if you need design help with video, photos, logos–our on graphic artist does beautiful work for a reasonable fee. Let your OTS Ambassador know your needs, and we’ll create a written quote.

National Advertising

If your brand is countrywide, we offer custom national ad packages. Click the button to reach Lead Ambassador Walter Lockett for details, or call our office at 202-871-8744 x 3; or reach him on his cell at 1-248-632-0000, or 829-890-2222. National Advertising Packages cover 9 areas of the Dominican Republic.;