Hot Dominican Jazz on a Cool Tropical Night

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Dominican Republic Jazz at The Beach Club in Sosua

Live Dominican Jazz Warms a Caribbean Winter!

Feeling cold is, in my opinion, a condition that only sun or music can heal. So, here is the relevant question–What might you feel like doing on a disappointingly chilly, rainy, frigid 70 degree Caribbean evening? Would you complain? Curl up in bed to get warm? Maybe you would watch TV? Whatever you do, I am pretty sure that listening to some live music would cure your mood. In my prognosis, live Dominican jazz is just what this doctor ordered. So, forget about Shazam and Pandora and YouTube–that’s exactly what I did! On this particular night, I braved the wet, cool rain with friends to hear to the sultry sounds of jazz at The Beach Club.

Right away, I felt I was in for a warm and pleasant surprise. The Beach Club clings to a rocky coral edge overlooking the ocean in Seahorse Ranch–a development north of Sosua. As the masterful musicians began to perform; I sensed an energetic mist escaping from the hot jazzy notes to dance with the foggy grey sky–timed with waves pounding onto the rocks below. And indeed, as they sounded their first tune, the chill in my bones began to lift.

Dominican Jazz Hotter than Rain

dominican Jazz at the beach club in Seahorse RanchWielding a sort of sound alchemy, these talented musicians melded a unique fusion of jazz, rock, country, and blues into one unique sound. Since their names are well-known among local music connoisseurs, the word of their event spread like wildfire. As a result, the venue was alive with people, love, and life–all giving hugs, making chatter, and sharing smiles. You wouldn’t even know it was raining outside.

Indeed, the cool, wet, depressing rain did not prevent the hot sultry jazz from transmitting its warm sound waves from the Dominican Republic on Sunday Night. In particular, the treatment of the classic Herbie Hancock’s Cantaloupe Island by these gifted musicians could only be experienced in that moment! And, thankfully, I was present for that moment.

Live Dominican Jazz Musicians Sunday Evenings at Beach Club

Rafelito Mirabal on Keyboard, Guy Frometa on drums, Daniel Alverez on bass, and Alex Jacquemin on guitar, entertained the Beach Club crowd for the evening. Surprisingly, the players are not a formally organized group, but you would never know it. Their unique sound blends as if they have been together for a decade. However, they played with one another and from one another–while they mindfully improvised as one. To top it off, Lorenzo Sancassani, belted out a few songs with his trademark harmonica rifts, and took the enchanted evening to an even higher level!

Whether rain, or shine–thankfully, live music will be here next week, too! The Beach Club hosts live music Sunday evenings at 6:30 with no cover charge. Make reservations for dinner to get the best seats in the house! And finally, the food is stunningly delicious. Dinner and jazz with wonderful friends–that combination is sure to warm your heart–no matter what the weather is! Oh, and don’t forget–visit our EVENTS WEBSITE–poised to be the most complete searchable and “GPS-able” website in the Dominican Republic.|

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The Beach Club.


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:Live jazz at the Beach Club Seahorse Ranch in Sosua


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