New Smiles from the Dominican Republic with D.R. Dentistry [Part 1]


fundacion Prointergral, D.R. Smile Vacations
By Deborah S. Nelson, Author

New Smiles, Old Smiles are Beautiful & Bountiful in the Dominican Republic

fundacion Prointergral, D.R. Smile Vacations

Dominican Republican’s Beautiful Smiles

One thing that sets apart the Dominican Republic from the other places I have visited, is the warm and beautiful smiles on the faces of the people. For the most part, these are happy people and they show it! That kind of joy and happiness is contagious.

However, is your smile as beautiful as you would like it to be? You may not feel like showing your happiness or joy. Perhaps your dental work is not at its best. Maybe you have been putting off seeing a dentist, due to lack of time, money, or courage! Perhaps you need high-end services, such as implants, bone grafts, or other surgery. These treatments are extremely costly and require a certain amount of recovery time as well as time off from work. These hurdles and procedures might seem beyond your reach.

A New Approach & a New Smile with D.R. Dentistry

What if you could combine dental work with a vacation to the Dominican Republic? And, what if, on your next vacation, you could not only enjoy time off in a beautiful environment; and get also some dental surgery done? What if you could get D.R. dentistry, surgery recovery, AND a vacation all at once for the cost of a normal vacation? In the Dominican Republic, this is entirely possible through a foundation in Santiago, called Fundación Prointegral.

Dr. Francis & the Foundation Offer D.R. Smile Vacations

There are a few challenges to put these types of vacations together. On the Scene D.R. is here to help you put the pieces together. Here is a brief list of the pieces necessary:

  1. Define and determine the types of services needed
  2. Preliminaries: Email your lab and blood tests to Funpisa
  3. Dentist reviews your lab work and schedule your surgery
  4. Make your Dominican Republic vacation arrangements

The Costs of a D.R Smile Vacation to the Dominican Republic

The cost of your new smile vacation includes the following:

1. Dental worklab work and final surgery
2. Airplane tickets
3. Your accommodations
4. Entertainment while recovering
5. For implantsa return trip for the crowns, bridges, etc.

We suggest that you give yourself a 10-day vacation for the implant surgery, and another 10-day vacation to build the new teeth onto the implant posts once completely healed (about 4 months). This will give you a few days before the vacation to have a little fun, and then after your D.R. dentistry to recover before you have to return home and work. The dentistry cost through the foundation is negligible since the dental surgeons volunteer their time and talent. You will pay only the cost of the materials–and in the case of implants, the posts are $20 each. The crowns and teeth built onto implant posts are more expensive depending on the material that you selectacrylic or porcelain.

Fundación Prointegral (Foundation) in Santiago

D.R. Smile Vacations

Reception at Funpisa in Santiago, D.R

Doctor Francis is one of the founders of the Foundation. The foundation serves everyone, whether living in the Dominican Republic or internationally. She invites you to investigate the Foundation and its services. On the Scene DR is writing Part Two which explains the foundation in more detail. Last year, the foundation organized three surgery dates where with implant professionals from the United States and Canada for a multitude of IMPLANT JOURNEYS.

Surgery and Implant Journeys for 2019

Dr. Francis has arranged three surgery weeks scheduled for 2019February, June, and November. They schedule surgery for 12 doctors from the USA and Canada, 12 patients in 12 chairs at one time. Last year they accomplished about 1000 implants during each surgery week amounting to about a million dollars worth of implants in 2018truly a great feat.

Finally, for details about a D.R. dental vacation, call Dr. Francis at 809-241-7771 (in the Dominican Republic) or go to the facebook page, D.R. Smile Vacations—and or call the OTS USA office at 202-871-8774.