January 2019 Holidays & Events in Dominican Republic

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On the Scene D.R. January 2019 Holidays and Events in the Dominican Republic

On the Scene D.R. January 2019 Holidays and Events in the Dominican Republic

January 2019 Dominican Holidays–Click & Download D.R./USA/CA Public Holidays Calendar

After impressive family dinners and fireworks, January 2019 ushers in even more State Dominican Holidays at the stroke of midnight. Therefore, make note of these holidays where banks, government, and other public places will be closed.

While left over work from the holidays mounts, we look forward to two more in January. The Dominican Republic enjoys two national holidays in January—Altagracia Day and Juan Pablo Duarte Day. In addition, you will find other events throughout the month. Follow the On the Scene D.R. Event Guide for details of upcoming events all over the D.R.

Dominican Republic Traditions in Santo Domingo in January

As with Dominican traditions, special church services, cultural festivals, and night vigils begin on January 21stin honor of Lady Altagracia. “Our Lady of High Grace” is a painting of Virgin Mary from A.D. 1500. In fact, the painting, also dubbed the protector of people, is currently housed at the Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady of Grace in Higuey. This is where the pope placed a crow on the head of the picture. Indeed, If you will be near Santo Domingo during this week, visit the Colonial City for a free outdoor show. In addition, see Dominican folk dancers and other cultural events which start at 7 p.m. every Friday and Saturday at the Plaza de España.

Juan Pablo Duarte, Marks Independence from Haiti

Soon after, January 25th marks a day to honor Juan Pablo Duarte. Duarte lead a youth movement called “La Trinitaria”—an effort towards Dominican independence from Haiti. Notably, Duarte’s crusade achieved independence in 1844. Unfortunately, Duarte was exiled by the people he helped to free. So, in respect for his legacy, Dominicans hold a patriotic ceremony in Santo Domingo’s Independence Park. The extensive celebration is followed by a free musical performance in the Colonial City on January 27th marking a history-rich and cultural conclusion to January.

Other highlights earlier in the month are the Latin American Amateur Championship 2019 in La Romana, the 17th Caribbean Laser Midwinter Regatta, as well as several wellness retreats. Starting January 15th is also whale watching season. Explore Samaná Bay to witness over 1,500 whales migrate on guided boat tours.