Is Beauty an Art, Science, or a Spa Vacation in Cabarete?


Beauty Buzz, Skin Care, & Spa Vacation in Cabarete

by Dr. Jazz & Deborah S. Nelson


Andari Spa, at the Milleniaum in Cabarete, was the place to be this February Friday afternoon. On one hand, we were drawn in by the contagious energy coming from the spa. Once inside, the group seemed alive with the upbeat chatter of beauty, skin care, and anti-aging ideas. Yet, the big picture theme was how to feel good and look good as we age. The visitors enjoyed champagne, elegant finger foods, and mini-facials! OTS reporters were present–and we wanted to know–Is beauty an art, a science, or a spa vacation?

Notably, this open house welcomed and introduced Elizabeth, their Botox expert. She will be at Andari for Botox consultation and treatments for the next six weeks at Andari Spa. So read on, if you want to learn how to “get your beauty on” during your stay in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. In this case, you may want to schedule a beauty or spa vacation by booking with Andari Spa.

Spa Vacation in the Dominican Rupublic?

MICHELLE BOURDEAU, founder and owner of Andari Spa, is truly knowledgable. Bubbling with enthusiasm, she hosts open houses to feature high-end beauty products and services, not normally available in the D.R. This open house offered tours of the spa, and helped clients find a way to achieve the most healthy and youthful skin possible.

Yesterday, Michelle presented Germaine de Capuccini from Spain advanced skin care which delivers skin care at its best. Indeed, since the composition is strong, products cannot be found over the counter–only through a qualified outlet. In addition, Andari Spa hosts top physicians and specialists for advanced skin care.

Not Just Another Facial–Try a Spa Vacation in Cabarete

Undoubtedly, Andari has a unique menu of facials. However, if you need more serious options, we suggest you consult with an Andari professional. Take some time to decide on the best skin services to improve your appearance. If on vacation, this is an ideal time to dive into skin care treatments. In that case, you may heal in the serene and private setting of the Dominican Republic and Cabarete.

The Science of Skin at Andaria Spa in Cabarete

Some of the top skin treatment services Andari Spa offers includes:botox expert and spa vacation in cabarete

  • Series of glycollic peels.
  • Hydration Mask.
  • Mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy builds up elastin fibers, stimulates collagen, and fights free radicals. Loose skin will appear firmer and look younger. And, fine lines will lessen and skin will “glow” as a result. These types of treatments are a bit invasive, and best done by a physician or certified specialists with experience and knowledge. Andari lists the services below–given by qualified physicians and or specialists.

  • Botox Treatment.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections.
  • Fibroid Removal from Neck.
  • Removal of Seborrheic Keratosis.
  • Surgical Removal of Cysts.
  • Surgical Removal of Moles.
  • Biopsy.

More than Skin Deep-A Spa Vacation in the Tropics

Have you dreamed of a spa vacation? Or, perhaps, Is your spouse a kiteboard addict? Along these lines, Andari offers options for spa vacation getaways. These include; a Weekend Spa Getaway, the Kiteboarding Widows Spa Holiday, and the Kiteboarding & Spa Escape. And, certainly you will enjoy massage, facials, yoga, and an array of lavish treatments!

Andari Spa Open Houses are Fun & Informational

If you missed this one, Michelle hosts her spa open houses from time to time. As the last open house was geared for families, the children tried the kid friendly services. Also, since yesterday’s theme was all about the advanced skin care, at the next open house, you may expect a fresh new theme.

So, was our question about beauty answered? Is beauty an art, science, or a spa vacation? Consequently, after learning more details of Andari Spa, we saw beauty as an art, science, and a spa vacation! Regardless, On the Scene DR provides the Dominican’s ONLY GPS and SEARCHABLE events network. On that note, we invite you to join the OTS Events mailing list. Indeed, OTS will notify you of future Andari open houses and other events.